Women Empowerment- a topic that has always been in the limelight but never received the priority it deserves. 

Women, especially from the 'Below Poverty Line' community have always been subject to various ill treatment, be it in their workplace or home. 

We, at ExoTeas, believe that 'Women Empowerment' is not just a slogan. It is a reality that we all should acknowledge for the betterment of the world, a wake-up call to help them realize their true potential and value in this male-dominated society.

Women empowerment does exactly that- promotes equality at home and workplace, helps in building equal opportunities and employment for women making them financially and intellectually independent.  

Empowering Women with Tea

Tea has always been a great opportunity to advocating women empowerment since the time it was introduced In India by the British. Women workers are the backbone of the tea industry and have outnumbered men workers in most of the sectors. Women have taken over management positions, operations and even logistics.

ExoTeasTeaSwan & Lochan Tea are working towards fostering economic independence among women by employing them in various departments. We no longer restrict women to ''tea plucker" roles. We help them expand their capabilities to make informed and planned life choices by equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge. 

We want to contribute towards creating a fair, more open-minded, gender-equal world, where no one is left behind - regardless of their age, race or education. A happier and more comfortable world - where every woman can create the kind of life she wishes to live. 

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