Jasmine Flower

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Rs. 599.00
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‘A tiny flower but a massive personality’ is how we define the beautiful Jasmine flower. For TeaSwan, this enthralling bloom holds a special place so we wouldn’t hesitate in saying that we perfected this one and now we’re proud to present it to you. While certainly not messing with the smell that we can only seem to describe as paradise, the exquisite Jasmine flowers also provide a flavour that is to die for. The versatility of tea allows you to infuse these partially dried up petals in there and enjoy a blissful morning on a cosy day. Known to have properties that not just comforts but also calms the mind and body, the aroma of only a few of these flowers can fill your room with a magic that can only put you in the happiest of moods. Well, you’re welcome for this one!

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