The ExoTeas Story - A portmanteau of ‘Exotic’ and ‘Teas’

A portmanteau of ‘Exotic’ and ‘Teas’, EXOTEAS strives to honor the statement of the company’s tag line ‘Tea at its best’ by providing the same to you.


We strive to procure teas at their freshest stage straight from some of the iconic tea gardens in India and deliver the same to our valued customers. No matter where you are, you deserve ‘tea at its best’.


Tea is our passion. Our dedication, hard work, commitment, and visions of the company have already paved a path towards being one of the most loved online tea companies in the world.

Our Company

Being backed up by a team of the like-minded people with more than 40 years of combined experience, we work hard towards exceeding the benchmark that online tea businesses have set for all.

Our Story

“What does ‘Exoteas’ mean?” We get that almost every day. And we simply say it is a portmanteau of ‘Exotic’ and ‘Teas’.
The Exoteas came into existence on 8th of OCT, 2018 with a joint force of our founding members (family members) who were directly / indirectly associated with tea supply business in India.
With a combined experience of more than 4 decades, setting up of the company was not as difficult as it seems to be. We knew the tea gardens, we knew our suppliers, and we knew the process. But most importantly, we knew our teas.
We do not want to be just another online tea company that stores all available teas and tags them with high prices. We have limited teas, but they are exotic.

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