• BTS Pack

    BTS Pack

    Black Tea Sampler (BTS) Pack Black tea was discovered in China almost 4000 years ago. Today, it is one of the most consumed beverages in the world. Black tea accounts for up to 85% of total tea consumption globally. Like all teas, black teas also come from the plant ‘Camellia Sinensis’. The oxidizing process varies while making different types of teas. Black teas are...
  • Black Teas

    Black Teas

    The Story of Black Tea   Tea is the most consumed beverage in the world after water. Generally, when the word ‘Tea’ comes into context, Black tea comes to our mind. Black tea takes the higher percentage of the share. Black tea is one of the most common and popular tea variants in every culture. It is used as a base tea for making...
  • Oolong Teas

    Oolong Teas

    The Story of Oolong Tea Oolong Tea, one of the most valued tea types in countries like China and Taiwan, is somewhat underrated in most countries because Black, Green, and White teas dominate the market. Though Oolongs come from the same Camellia Sinensis plant (just as the other tea types), they only contribute to below 3% of the world’s tea. However, its increasing popularity...
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