• The Story of The Exoteas

    The Story of The Exoteas
    A portmanteau of ‘Exotic’ and ‘Teas’, EXOTEAS strives to honor the statement of the company’s tag line ‘Tea at its best’ by providing the same to you. Mission We strive to procure teas at their freshest stage straight from some of the iconic gardens in India and deliver the same to our valued customers. No matter where you are, you deserve ‘tea at its...
  • Oolong tea

    Oolong tea
    Oolong Tea, one of the most valued tea types in countries like China and Taiwan is somewhat underrated in most other countries that are dominated by Black, Green, and White teas. Though Oolongs come from the same Camellia Sinensis plant (just as the other tea types), they only contribute to below 3% of world’s tea. However, its increasing popularity among tea drinkers world-wide has...

    Generally, when the word ‘Tea’ comes into context, Black tea comes to our mind. Second to water, tea is the most consumed beverage in the world and black tea takes the higher percentage of the share. However, in China and Japan, ‘Tea’ usually refers to ‘Green Tea’. Being one of the most common tea types, black tea is popular in every culture and is...
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